Let your dorm run on autopilot.
Yurthub is dormitory management application for dorm personnel and residents.

What is it?

Yurthub is a complete dorm management product, It is used by both dorm residents and personnel. Yurthub Portal is made for residents (which we will refer as Portal) and Yurthub is made to be used by the dormitory staff. It is a web application that aims to provide advanced support for dormitory management.

What does it do?

Yurthub is designed to enable a dormitory to run without needing any active personnel on-site. Yurthub manages and reports all services including accommodation (A-Z from check-in to check-out), technical issues, water, electricity, internet and laundry.

Once all Yurthub and Yurthub portal modules are up and running in a dormitory, it is on autopilot!

Yurthub Portal

Yurthub portal is designed to be the virtual assistant of a dorm resident. Its user-friendly, easy, understandable and multi-language UI allows anyone to use it without hassle.

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Laundryhub allows its dorm residents to manage their washing machines via the portal app interface Portal users can use the laundry facilities by purchasing credits using the online payments system on the portal app.
At the same time, they can see which machine is free or when the washing/drying process will be completed. LaundryHub also sends you a notification when your laundry is ready.


Yurthub Portal, integrated with local ISPs allows residents to renew or change their internet packages without having to contact any third party service provider or dormitory staff.


MANAS is a global electricity and water meter provider which is integrated with Yurthub to allow residents to top-up their credits without having to physically pay or interact with dorm staff.

Room Maintenance

The room maintenance module enables portal users to quickly report problems about their rooms to the dormitory management and receive feedback. Service receipts are created in the room maintenance module is displayed on the Yurthub administration app. Dorm staff can print or report the service receipts which are created daily. Users can also define the priority of their service ticket and leave a short description regarding the issue.

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(3D Secure) Online Payments

Online payments module allow portal users to add credits to their accounts 24/7.

Yurthub portal uses Rest API and Tiko virtual pos infrastructure. Using the infrastructure It can be defined instantly for all dormitories that want it. Payment amounts are automatically transferred to the bank account of the relevant dormitory the next day.

Users can use their credits with InternetHub, LaundryHub or ManasHub. Depending on our agreement with the dormitory, residents can pay their dormitory fees and benefit from credit card installments for their payments.

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Technical Infrastructure

Yurthub and Yurthub Portal makes use of various software and hardware technologies which is required to run a dorm on autopilot. We use Laravel and Python on the back-end to do almost anything a software can. Laravel blade template engine and Vue.js is used in harmony on the front-end side for an optimised UX.

LaundryHub Infrastructure

LaundryHub uses Raspberry Pis and SSR (Solid State Relays) to control the washing machines and dryers. Raspberry Pis are connected to Yurthub Portal API via a secure connection.

Laundry System
Laundry System
  • Around 4,000 new residents are using LaundryHub every year.

  • Over 100,000 laundry has been either washed or dried using LaundryHub until now!

ManasHub Infrastructure

As a global water meter and electricity meter provider Manas is used by many dormitories in Norther Cyprus. We have integrated a Manas top-up kiosk system (ManasHub) into Yurthub Portal using Smart Card readers and the client specific DLL files provided by Manas. Our ManasHub client runs on a mini PC and connects to Yurthub Portal via a secure API connection.

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