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to reach their full potential using the latest perks of the digital world.

We are a team of experienced software engineers and technology consultants who studied and worked in the Europe.

Our Formula.

You tell, we listen.

First things first. We listen to your problem. It becomes our problem and we analyse it like our own. Offer your self tailored solution and deliver your technology.

App Migration Transformation.

You just need what you need, leave the old habits behind. Retrocket team has an extensive experience in refactoring legacy systems into state of the art applications which helps transform the business.

Our Promise.

It’s our promise to develop, test and deliver a flexible, scalable and sustainable solution on time without sacrificing the quality and creating hidden costs.

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    A good project starts with well defined requirements and detailed analysis of the problem.

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    People first, we rely on our culture to get the work done. Well, Kanban also helps of course. 😇

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    With just the right amount of flexibility and structure, we will get things done like you imagined them, without additional delays and hidden costs. 💸

If you are reading this, you have already read enough.

Our team at retrocket is ready to provide full-scale, complete and optimised solutions for your software and IOT related requirements.

Services we offer.

We single-handedly provide design, development, and QA services to get your product up-and-running.

Project Management & Analysis

We rely on Kanban and our culture to deliver your solution on time. With our well defined development and design cycles , we give your project just the right amount of flexibility and structure to get things done like you imagined, without additional delays and costs.

To us, every single piece of the solution matters — not only as an element in itself but as a part of something bigger.

We don’t just do Design.

Every single detail is analysed not only in visual terms, but we also make sure that they work in harmony with all of your brand elements, every step of the way. Making sure that every component is on track with target audience, brand compatibility, accessibility, usability and applicability is always at the forefront of what we do.

Each frontend channel is both different and similar. At retrocket, we take advantage of the similarities and do not compromise on the differences.

We’re up to date on the most popular and current frontend frameworks but we push it further. We keep a close eye on all emerging frameworks, make sample projects with them, and base our recommendations on quality, not hearsay.

Our frontend team keeps an open channel with designers and back-end developers to identify potential problems early on and deliver timely solutions.

Monolith structures are a thing of the past and models need to be versatile in today’s tech arena.

With the DevOps methodologies we’ve developed, we make sure that everything works as a whole. Whether we’re meeting the expectations of 10 users or 10 million, we approach all backend projects with the same detailed perspective.

We don’t do half-baked work.

We put quality into the heart of the business by relying on a Behavior-driven Development approach (BDD), at every design and development stage. We create test scenarios; we systematically keep them up-to-date; and we make them an integral part of the business analysis process.

Automation is not a test to us. Automation is a software development job and we develop it with the same diligence.

IOT Solutions

Sometimes, software alone is not enough, it needs to have senses, needs to feel, needs to hear. Team retrocket will guide you through the hardware requirements of the project and integrate them natively they way you want them.

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