Sales & Route Tracking Integration

Live sales and route performance tracking app.

A LOGO Tiger 3 ERP & Arvento Vehicle Tracking System Integration.

What is it?

Route tracker allows sales managers to inspect sales routes, including stores visits, visit duration and sales made during the visit. Route tracker is consistently fed by live data from the field and can display any (user defined) range of historical data.

How does it work?

Route tracker processes the location, speed and heading data of the vehicles on the field it receives from the Arvento Vehicle Tracking service, and compares this data against the pre-defined route plan provided by Logo Tiger ERP software (data also includes the sales, received payments and returns). Route tracker then projects a live summary of this information on to an interactive map.

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Some Technical details

Route tracker uses Google Maps API which is a pay as you go service offered by Google.

On the ERP side, we use customer and sales modules. We are able to match the received data by user of the vehicle (salesperson). By doing so we are able to track the salesperson and their vehicle on the map along with their sales performance.

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Route tracker can generate on-demand reports to:

  • Show overall sales route performance. (Visit timing and duration, Sales, Payments, Returns,

  • Show fuel and route efficiency.

  • Show if any alerts were triggered, such as "too long visit", "too late visits", "too long route", etc.

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